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Opera in two acts, december 2013 

The Magical Massage Bar for Public Officers – from performance 2013 from miro2t on Vimeo.

This city sleeps… And it falls into even deeper sleep, because it lies far behind God’s back. It’s exactly to the taste of those who´ve made the Black Box live. And they´ve lost control over it. God knows whether they did it on purpose or it was just a mistake. But now, the Black Box lives its own life.

Funny, isn’t it? An antenna as an artificial intelligence? So why nobody stays in that bulding now? Why you even can´t find it on Googlemaps? Are we naive? Arnhem – an ideal place for human experiments. Nobody gives a shit about Arnhem. You even travel for work to bloody Amsterdam for two hours.

My name is Willem Tilburg. Yes, I too worked there in the office, until an obsessive director with her massage bar fired me. Nobody’s working there anymore. It’s been a haunted place… Until… the Black Box returned to meet it´s daughter.. for the last time.