Edita Karkoschka

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Heimat betekent voor mij…
interview composition, spring 2009

In 2009, I prepared 3 interview sessions with a intercultural working group. The main topic was the diversity of cultural identity and motherland. These fragments of life stories and folk songs were recorded and edited into a interview-composition, which was released on a CD called PresikHARMONIE! and listened to at a park manifest in Arnhem/Presikhaaf in june 2009. People could listen to it through headphones which were hanging from a tree.

Het Fluisterbos
In September 2011, I was working as a sound artist and recorded childrens’ poems, stories and noise inspired by the beautiful Dutch island Vlieland. This was in behalf of the Into the Great Wide Open music Festival.

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During the festival every days’ children sounds and stories were edited and put into a composition, which were released the day after, at the „geluidsboom“, a tree in the woods of Vlieland, where white woolen headphones were hanging from the branches. Most of the poems came into being in collaboration with Erna Kuik (illustrator and children’s book author), who worked on writing beautiful poems with children during the festival, which were also to find on selfmade flags.