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„Cast Glass, an excellent young Dutch band that has mastered the art of low-key musicianship […] “ 


Cast Glass is an art-pop band around composer Marco Mlynek and producer Marc Alberto and based in the Netherlands. Currently they’re working on new compositions from within a new formation.

In their debut release Cast Glass EP (rel. sept 2014), a collection of songs from 2011-2013 performed by a twelve-piece ensemble, Edita Karkoschka was the voice of the main band amongst Marco Mlynek (piano/ synth/composition), Marc Alberto (live electronics/EWI/sounddesign), Iris van der Ende (harp) and Max Hilpert (acoustic&electronical drums). The record resulted from a production process spanning that period, starting from arrangements of their songs for string-quartett and woodwinds. Produced and reworked by Marc Alberto into intricate concrete-like collages of live acoustic performances, quirky sounds and analog electronics. The dense production and orchestration does not serve technical display, it creates a stand-alone sound world that allows for new discoveries every re-listen. The child-like lyrics sung with soft vocal delivery that lights and opens up this world with a note of playfulness.

„[…]Cast Glass sings ingenious songs accompanied by extraordinary instrumentation of wind- controlled synthesizer, drums and harp.[…]“

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Cast Glass – Ballroom (Official Music Video)
from Chris de Krijger on Vimeo.


Cast Glass – Grow Old With from Cast Glass on Vimeo.